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    Storz GmbH公司是一家現代化的、生産液壓缸,hydro-installations超過50年了。

Storz Hydrauliksysteme從一個成套液壓系統來源。這包括各類液壓缸等标準,固定客戶,例如氣瓶和測試機缸、液壓閥、位移測量系統、液壓動力單元大小不同、PLC控制系統或PC為基礎的個體總成,完整的開關櫃。


  • 位移測量系統ZW/ZWAS 1611 (160 bar)
  • 位移測量系統ZW/ZWAS 2511 (250 bar)
  • ZBI 1611 (160 bar)
  • ZBI 2511 (250 bar)
  • ZBD 1001 (100 bar)
  • ZBD 1605 (160 bar),
  • ZBD 1611 (160 bar),
  • ZBD 2511 (160 bar),


Technology of the hig-hest precisionis the distinguishing feature of the company Storz Hydauliksysteme GmbH in Wurmlingen (Landkreis Tuttlingen). For a wide range of applications throughout the world, the experienced fluid specialist develops and produces high-performance hydraulic cylinders and hydraulic systems. The history of the innovative industrial enterprise, located in Baden-Württemberg, dates back as far as the year 1774.

First established as a locksmith enterprise in Tuttlingen, from the mid-20th century on the company Storz starts gaining an international reputation as a producer of mechanical jacks for the automotive industry and hydraulic cylinders for the mechanical engineering industry. Quality and functional reliability of the products turn out to be extremely dependable. Soon, market leadership in the technology segment has been reached and the enterprise puts its stamp on international standardisation of hydraulic cylinders and their mounting parts.

From 1951 on the company Storz GmbH increasingly concentrates on fluid technology as a profitable business line. Drawing upon a high level of vertical integration, the enterprise manufactures complex one-stop hydraulic systems for miscellaneous applications. These include standard cylinders,
hydraulic cylinders for testing machines, adjusting cylinders for aluminium rolling mills, cylinders coated for work with aggressive media or cylinders for hydropower plants (hydraulic pumping units). For testing the steel cables' fatigue strength of world-famous "Golden Gate Bridge" in San Francisco, Storz GmbH proudly manufactured a cylinder with an exceptionally gigantic transmission for the German Materialprüfungsanstalt (materials testing institute) in Braunschweig. Furthermore, unclamping cylinders from Wurmlingen with a piston stroke of seven to ten meters secure the mountain cable car gondolas all over the world.

In the last years, the company has been implementing complex and individual system solutions. Today, in addition to serial, standard, and normalised cylinders, more and more customer specific hydralic solutions are leaving the plant. Such a pioneering special project has just recently been commissioned by Schwarzwald based Schluchseewerke AG. For Schluchseewerke AG, the Storz team has built a compact hydraulic cylinder with a length of more than 15 metres and a weight of over 20 tons. Within the bulky solid cylinder, 1,600 litres of oil are compressed and set the stainless steel plunger with a diameter of 200 millimetres in motion.

Innovation, expertise, a high level of vertical integration, and a stringent quality management characterise the contemporary coprorate vision of Storz Hydrauliksysteme GmbH, the second oldest industrial enterprise in the Landkreis Tuttlingen. 65 employees, including 11 apprentices, meet these challenges, generating an annual turnover of approximately 10 million Euros


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