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    英國帕瓦魯斯PARVALUX伺服電機(PARVALUX servo motor )是指在伺服系統中控制機械元件運轉的發動機,是一種補助馬達間接變速裝置。伺服電機可使控制速度,位置精度非常準确,可以将電壓信号轉化為轉矩和轉速以驅動控制對象。在自動控制系統中,用作執行元件,把所收到的電信号轉換成電動機軸上的角位移或角速度輸出。分為直流和交流伺服電動機兩大類,其主要特點是,當信号電壓為無自轉現象,轉速随着轉矩的增加而勻速下降。

    近年來矚目共睹的是Parvalux在銷售和生産電機和齒輪箱上不斷加速。其中基礎的變化是把客戶的意見納入我們決策過程。不再是簡單的生産減速電機的工程公司,我們正在變成一個‘客戶引領’的公司-碰巧是生産減速電機的企業。     英國PARVALUX交流伺服電機的控制精度由電機軸後端的旋轉編碼器保證,由于驅動器内部采用了四倍頻技術,驅動器每接收一個命令=131072個脈沖,相當于PARVALUX電機轉一圈,PARVALUX交流伺服電機運轉非常平穩,即使在低速時也不會出現振動現象。其交流伺服系統具有共振抑制功能,可涵蓋機械的剛性不足,并且系統内部具有頻率解析機能(FFT),可檢測出機械的共振點,便于系統調整。PARVALUX交流伺服電機具有較強的過載能力。其轉矩為額定轉矩的三倍,可用于克服慣性負載在啟動瞬間的慣性力矩。PARVALUX交流伺服驅動系統為閉環控制,驅動器可直接對電機編碼器反饋信号進行采樣,内部構成位置環和速度環,一般不會出現步進電機的丢步或過沖的現象,控制性能更為可靠。


    The name ‘Parvalux’ derives from the latin ‘parvulus’ and ‘lux’ and means ‘young light’, alluding to the hopes that founder Leslie J. Clark had for the Romford-based business where he first began selling motor rewinds in 1947.
After relocating to Bournemouth in 1957, the company moved from simply re-winding motors to designing and manufacturing complete gear-motor units for industrial applications.

Parvalux prospered for forty years through continued expansion of its product offer to cover a broad range of AC/DC electric motors and gearboxes, enabling the business to sell into a diverse range of markets and applications ― all over the world.

In 2003, Steven Clark took over as Chief Executive. With over twenty years experience within Parvalux, Steven was keen to see the business prosper, therefore recruited a professional management team.

In 2008 Parvalux acquired rival firm and DC motor application specialist EMD Drives Systems of Halstead, thereby creating the UK’s largest privately-owned manufacturer of sub 1kW electric motors and gearboxes.

Until that time EMD had shared a similar history to Parvalux, initially winning recognition in the 1960s as volume AC motor supplier to household names such as Qualcast and Hotpoint, but then moved exclusively into DC products by the 1980s where they would compete directly with Parvalux for some 30 years.

EMD was relocated in its entirety to the Bournemouth headquarters during early 2009. The team was strengthened with key members of the EMD team relocating to join the newly merged business.

The integration allowed Parvalux to offer geared motor solutions in much higher quantities than previously possible. To cement this unique position a first class ‘product development and design’ function (PDD) was created.

Today, Parvalux remains a privately owned, professionally managed business with distributors in 21 countries.


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